August 28th, 2015

The Accidental Executive: Lessons on Business, Faith and Calling from the Life of Joseph

Albert M. Erisman, Hendrickson Publishers, 2015 Mention the biblical patriarch Joseph and most people will think of his dreams, his multi-colored coat, and his band of jealous brothers who tried to kill him. Yet Joseph was an astute businessman and prudent leader in who saved the...

June 6th, 2014

The Wife of Wall Street

In his book The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort tells about starting his career as a stockbroker on October 19, 1987. That was “Black Monday” . . . the day the Dow fell 508 points and lost 22.61% of its value. It was the largest single-day decline in stock market history. In the real...

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February 28th, 2014

How to Find a Mentor

Evidently, God thinks mentors are important because He gave us examples throughout Scripture. Joshua had Moses. Ruth had Naomi. Elisha had Elijah. Paul had Barnabas. Timothy had Paul. Even Jesus had Joseph to teach him the trade of carpentry. Business New Daily says, “All entrepreneurs need...

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February 28th, 2014

Stress: the Necessary Danger for Top Performers

There's a direct link between high performance and the ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure, according to a Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Stress itself (and the anxiety that comes with it) is an “absolutely necessary emotion.” In...

February 28th, 2014

Research That Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Two editors at Harvard Business Review compiled 22 HBR articles based on current research they believe will help us reach our goals in 2014. Here are some of their postings: “Successful people do nine things differently than everyone else.” “The rest of us hold ourselves back in five major...

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February 28th, 2014

Love Bad News? Successful People Do!

Few people put "Getting bad news" on their list of favorite things. On the other hand, who doesn't like to receive good news? Truth is, though, bad news can really be good news -- and quite helpful -- when you're a leader who needs all the facts to make wise decisions. A number of verses in...

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February 28th, 2014

What’s Your NPS? Better Know It!

Google “Measure of Success” on the Internet and you’ll see over 7,000 links to explore. I was reading Bernard Marr’s piece about Net Promoter Score (NPS) this morning just before I had breakfast with an Executive VP at Southwest Airlines. He told me that Southwest had used the NPS metric...

November 10th, 2013

The Surprising Economics of a “People Business”

So what's the secret sauce of successful business? No matter what your business, investing in your people is synonymous with investing in your company’s future. So writes Travis Jarman in his blog at O.C. Tanner. You'll also want to read "The Surprising Economics of a 'People Business,'” ...

October 15th, 2013

The Heart of Business: Solomon's Wisdom for Success in Any Economy

Become an excellent employer while running an effective business. The Heart of Business by Raymond H. Harris, focuses on the business wisdom found in Proverbs that is vital to personal and professional success. Written specifically to young executives, this study is divided into four easy-...

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May 24th, 2013

How Graduates Can Get Ahead

Jack Welch, legendary former CEO of GE offers advice for 2013 graduates on how to establish your reputation in the workplace. How do you distinguish your self from all the other job applicants?

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