October 19th, 2014

Making Mondays Meaningful | Free Curriculum

“Making Mondays Meaningful: 6 Ways to Glorify God and Serve Others Through Your Work” is a six session curriculum that will help you close the gap between Sunday faith and Monday work. Small groups, classes, or individuals will explore the significance of work with respect to economics,...

via Bill Peel
April 15th, 2013

Work Is Not the Enemy

Last month we posted a NYT article by Erin Callan, former CFO of Lehman Brothers, in which she confessed how her work had become a consuming priority—and ultimately her identity.  While Callan’s story was a wakeup call to many of us with the workaholic gene, I raise a cautionary flag. Such...

February 16th, 2013

See People, Not Just Employees

Steve Gibson discusses the importance of showing people sawu bona, which is Zulu for, “I see you.” In todays fast paced world, we often neglect to show people genuine care either in the business world or in simple everyday life. Remember, every interaction we have with every person is ...

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