February 27th, 2013

Work Matters Sermon Series | Tom Nelson

The High Calling shares a sermon series by Tom Nelson on why work matters. Sermon 1: Work is More Than a Curse Sermon 2: More Than a Carpenter, But Not Less Sermon 3: Working in the Spirit View and download the PDF sermon series here. Tom graduated with a masters of Theology degree from...

via Bill Peel
November 19th, 2012

Monday Morning Faith | Free Sermon Outlines

In large part, spiritual leaders have done a good job of explaining how to follow Jesus at home and at church, and how to cultivate your personal devotional life. Our focus has been on prayer, Bible study, congregational worship, evangelism, and service. But what does it look like to follow...

July 24th, 2012

Celebrate Work with Free Resources

Do people in your church know who they are on Monday? On Sunday they are ushers, choir members and Sunday school teachers. On Monday they are plumbers, doctors and accountants. Unfortunately, working Christians often feel like they live dual lives—one at work and one at church. The church...