October 1st, 2019

An Undoing Project

by Michael Metzger Twitter founder Jack Dorsey says if he could go back in time, he’d do some things differently. What does he have in mind? Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006. But at TED 2019 in Vancouver, Canada, he confessed that he never imagined the series of scandals over its...

Channel(s): Culture and Worldview
via Forbes
October 9th, 2012

Five Ways To Break Through Innovation Bottlenecks

When great ideas get stuck in organizational bottlenecks, no one wins. Forbes contributor Erika Andersen says companies need to make it easier to select and scale the most promising ideas. She offers five ways to unclog areas that keep great ideas from being implemented.

Channel(s): Leadership: Workplace
August 7th, 2012

Business Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots — and in business they can really leave a mark. In this article, James Kerr tells the story of Swiss watchmakers who invented Quartz technology but didn't think anyone would want it. When the Japanese jumped on the innovation, the Swiss lost 50,000 jobs and watched...

September 28th, 2011

Better Ideas Through Failure

Is it safe to fail in your company? This challenging WSJ article reports that that failure, and how how companies deal with it, is a key component to innovation.