July 9th, 2019

Facing Unpleasant Tasks

“I fought the lawn, and the lawn won!” I don’t know how many times I have said that, usually right after a tough time mowing our backyard.  Mowing the yard is probably my least favorite chore.   So, what is your unpleasant task?  If you are a student, it might be...

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December 21st, 2016

How to Experience Joy in Your Work

Every December when I see ubiquitous UPS trucks delivering packages, I think about 4-year-old Carson Kight, whose YouTube video has been viewed by over three million folks (including me). The delight in Carson's eyes is contagious -- and it's the kind of excitement we can experience in our...

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November 16th, 2016

Discover Your Destiny

Do you ever have questions about your purpose? What you have to offer the world? Why you even exist in the first place? If so, you’re not alone. Most people are confused about their place and purpose in the world. They conclude that life just doesn’t make sense. But wait! Shouldn’t...

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July 20th, 2014

Discover Your Gifts, Discover Your Calling

Job layoffs and an anemic economy are pushing many Christians to question the purpose of their lives, yet I meet very few who are thinking in terms of the "good works" God had in mind when he designed them. Each of us has a high calling we are obligated to follow. When we follow...

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May 29th, 2014

The Person Called You: Why You're Here, Why You Matter & What You Should Do With Your Life

If you’ve ever found yourself in a job you hate, wondering about your purpose, or just wanting to make sure you are working at peak proficiency, we highly recommend our good friend Bill Hendricks’ new book. For the past twenty years, Bill has helped people harness the power of their...

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May 15th, 2014

Bad Hiring Decisions: Avoid This Big Mistake

What would you do if your son or daughter flunked 8 out of 10 math tests? Get mad? Take away their privileges? Hire a tutor? Meet with the teacher? Of course, you might also consider: Maybe your child just isn’t wired to do math. Business leaders would do well to consider that cautionary...

January 22nd, 2014

Discover God's Purpose for Your Life

Would you like to better understand how God designed you and discover your unique calling? The Center for Faith & Work is pleased to offer a unique process that equips and empowers Christians to discover their role in God's plan, and transform where they live and work for His glory....

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October 19th, 2013

How to Know if You Are Doing a Good Job

Last Friday I spent a couple of hours thinking about my job instead of actually doing it. I mulled over all that is going on, what I’ve been accomplishing, where my time is being spent, what my priorities are, and so on. I guess you could say I was...

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April 12th, 2013

God-sized Problems Can Make You Happier

High-octane professionals report they’re dialing down the intensity of their workweeks with positive results. But don't confuse reducing hours with reducing the difficulty of the problems you're working on. The happiest people are dedicated to dealing with the most difficult problems.

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January 20th, 2013

Discover Your Destiny for the Campus

Our simple goal: that students at LeTourneau University graduate with significant understanding of their giftedness and calling. The story of your life is part of an epic, cosmic story, orchestrated by God who has designed you to play a critical role. But what is that role? Why are you here...