Atheism Growing in the Workplace

April 10th, 2015

If it seems like more and more people in your workplace disdain faith in God, it’s not your imagination.

An extensive new Barna Group study found that the number of atheists in America is growing. With atheists and agnostics combined into one group called “skeptics,” the study uncovered five demographic shifts in the past two decades.

  • The number of skeptics under 30 has doubled. 
  • The number of women who are skeptics has tripled. 
  • Today’s skeptics are more racially diverse. 
  • They are more broadly dispersed geographically. 
  • They are better educated. 

According to the research, three primary components have led more people to disbelieve in God’s existence: rejection of the Bible, lack of trust in the local church, and cultural reinforcement of a secular worldview.

These trends underscore the critical role of workplace Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission. Read the Barna Group's fascinating report, "2015 State of Atheism in America" ​to better understand some of the people with whom you work. The old saying “You may be the only Bible they ever read” is true now more than ever. 

If you want wisdom and courage to talk about faith with non-Christians at work, you may find Workplace Grace helpful.

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