Conversation Starters | Take Your Pastor to Lunch

May 3rd, 2012

Feel free to use and edit the conversation starters below. Use these questions as a guide for your conversation.

Use these questions as a guide for your conversation.

Suggestions to begin:
Tell your pastor how much you appreciate the ministry of the church.
Comment on a recent sermon that touched you in some way.
Show your pastor around and introduce co-workers as it’s appropriate and doesn’t disturb their work.
As you visit, explain what you do on a daily basis.
Mention any specific struggles that people in your line of work deal with.

Questions to foster discussion:
How can I best use my workplace skills to serve the church?
Does the church see a distinction between church work and my work?
How does the church sees “secular” work fitting in God’s kingdom?
How does my work fit or not fit in God’s kingdom?
How can you and/or the church help me connect my work and faith?
Would you be willing to help me find answers to these questions from the Bible?

Close your time with prayer.
How can I pray for you?
May I share some confidential requests for you personally to pray for me? 

We hope these encourage you to Take Your Pastor to Lunch and spread the message of the Faith & Work movement.