Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

January 7th, 2020

How do you see your glass – half full or half empty?  I have observed that people who see their glass as half empty have a scarcity mindset.  And once you see your glass as half empty, it’s like wearing a blindfold that limits your ability to see where you are going – your vision.

People who see their glass as half full have an abundance mindset, and they have opened their minds to knowing where they are going – their vision.

I’m one of those people who has always seen my glass as half full because I believe that more is coming to fill my glass, until it overflows.

People with an abundance mindset believe that today’s short-term pain, sacrifice, and investment in time, energy, and money will eventually bring long-term growth, blessings, and success.

And they are more likely to see where they are going – their vision.

It turns out that people who adopt an abundance mindset approach life, challenges, and opportunities in a principled manner that literally paves the way for them to succeed.

Every person can know where they are going by adopting the following two examples of an abundance mindset.

It is helpful to view the following examples through the eyes of abundant thinkers and scarcity thinkers:

Understand There is Enough

Abundant thinkers know there is enough in the world for everyone to share in a piece of the pie. They understand that the more you share in a principled way, the more the abundance grows.

Scarcity thinkers believe there is not enough of anything to go around. They fear that there will not be enough for them, especially if they share with others.

Give Time, Talent, and Treasures

Abundant thinkers know that giving their time, talent, and treasures will come back to them in so many ways, thus increasing the abundance in their own lives. This principled process strengthens and fosters team-building and creative thinking that supports continual improvement in the workplace.

Scarcity thinkers do not share. After all, they are driven by a deep-seated belief (in an expedient way) that there isn’t enough to go around, so they cannot afford to give anything away. They truly believe that if they share their knowledge or wealth, they will lose power and possessions both now and in the future.

The freedom and success enjoyed by abundant thinkers becomes obvious when we contrast it with the limiting beliefs of scarcity thinkers.

Scarcity thinking weakens our effectiveness and keeps us from realizing our full potential. But a perspective of abundance ensures that there’s always enough to go around and keeps us moving forward.

People with a scarcity mindset see their glass as half empty and never let go of what they have – and when they don’t let go of what they have, they can never fully reach out for and grab hold of a greater vision of what could be.  Therefore, they wear a blindfold and can’t see where they are going – their vision.

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