Yard Work Is Not Part of the Curse

via Bill Peel
October 6th, 2013

When I was a boy, I thought mowing the lawn was part of the curse. Maybe that’s because our yard wasn’t beautiful, or by the time I got our clunker mower started, I was already worn out. Recently I met a man who changed my attitude about mowing.

Bob Walker is president of Walker Mowers and a LeTourneau alumnus. I was intrigued when he told me he was “called to business” at age 13 when he heard R.G. LeTourneau speak at his church in rural Kansas. I seldom hear people express their calling to business so confidently. They’re often timid when it comes to claiming that business is the way God has chosen for them to bring Him glory.

So, what difference does confidence in his calling to business make to Bob Walker? We captured Bob’s story on video, and when you watch, you’ll see a number of differences. But I want to focus on one that impressed me. While building thousands of commercial-grade lawn mowers takes serious attention to detail, Bob keeps the big picture in mind. He told me, “We like to say that instead of making lawn mowers we make beautiful places.” That’s not just a marketing line at Walker Mowers.

Beyond ingenious engineering, a well-oiled manufacturing process and a family-like company culture is a vision that Walker Mowers is making God’s world a better place. Bob sees the actual work they do—building lawn mowers—as a way to fulfill God’s commandment to “fill the earth”—develop it and bring it to full flower. And since we worship a God who loves beauty, fulfilling this command includes making machines that help create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Personally, I won’t be surprised if I open my eyes in eternity and see someone mowing an exquisite lawn, riding on a yellow, zero-turn mower with the Walker logo on the side. Maybe I’ll even get to use one myself. That would be heaven on earth.

How does your work make the world a better place?

Inc. magazine's Editor, David Whitford wrote a feature article about Walker Mowers entitled "Finding Religion's Place in the Workplace: Colorado's Walker Manufacturing builds lawn mowers and operates as a Christian enterprise. What does faith have to do with riding mowers? Depends on how you cut it."