Workplace Grace DVD Curriculum

via Bill Peel
March 22nd, 2012

Small-group studies provide the best environment to learn and discuss how to live out your faith in the workplace.

In six thought-provoking and empowering sessions, Workplace Grace walks participants through a proven approach to evangelism that respects the unique relationships they have with coworkers, clients and friends. They learn easy-to-implement ways to:

  • Cultivate common ground with non-Christians
  • Create curiosity about faith and stimulate spiritual interest
  • Recognize spiritual hunger and open doors
  • Share their faith in a non-threatening way

Ideal for large or small groups, Sunday school, retreats, and church-wide campaigns.

DVD Includes: Six Video Sessions, Leader's Guide, Video Trailer, Promotional Resources (Intended for use the Workplace Grace book and Participant Guide

You can also access our full six sessions now on our YouTube channel. 

Sessions include: 1. Spiritual Economics, 2. Called to the Workplace, 3. Is Anybody Hungry?, 4. Earning the Right to Be Heard, 5. Keep It Simple: From Cultivating to Planting, 6. From Planting to Harvesting

Host a Workplace Grace Workshop at your church, campus or workplace. Order Workplace Grace online via Amazon. 

Contact the Center for Faith and Work here for churches/organizations desiring to sponsor Workplace Grace events.

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What Church Leaders Say about Workplace Grace 



Covenant Presbyterian Church (Austin,TX) The best evangelism training seminar we have ever experienced. That’s not hyperbole – this seminar was excellent. Larimore and Peel took the fear of evangelism away for ordinary laypeople. We’re starting groups focused on action, stories, best practices and accountability to apply their perspective in our work places and neighborhoods in Austin. I recommend Larimore and Peel highly, and I look forward to when they can come back and train more of our people.


Woodale Church (Minneapolis, MN) The people of the church are placed by God in a variety of fascinating and challenging work settings, and they each have a unique opportunity to be a witness for Jesus. However, so many feel ill-equipped to minister effectively where they work.  The Workplace Grace seminar will equip your people to be effective as salt and light in the workplace.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to prepare your people to bring Jesus to their colleagues, friends and family.

Victory World Church, Atlanta (GA) With regard to the Going Public Series in our small groups, all I can say is WOW!!!  The feedback we are getting is just amazing.  Our groups are loving it. In our personal small group, I can't begin to tell you the impact it is having.  To see people realize how truly important and "significant" they are in their workplace or their sphere of influence, just makes us smile.  I have had people literally cry when they realized they didn't have to be in "church ministry" to be effective.  It's life changing and by far in my opinion the best written curriculum we have done.  

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Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church, (PA) The “Going Public with Your Faith” seminar served our church well. I appreciated the philosophy of evangelism that Bill and Walt presented. They emphasized that evangelism is a process, and cultivation is just as critical as harvesting. The seminar helped destroy the myth that evangelism is only for those gifted in evangelism. Our people were inspired and provided with simple handles for cultivating relationships with pre-Christians by serving them in Christ’s love.

Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Los Angeles area) Following is a list of benefits experienced by the RHCC congregation through the series:

1.  Process of presentation moved the listener step by step in an easy and logical learning sequence.  This was very encouraging and a great benefit to the student.

2.  Study included an excellent choice of Scripture in a contemporary setting for real life application.  The teaching points were very adaptable to everyday life.

3.  The series theme was a very well supported use of practical statistics and relevant charts.

4.  Suggested responses in the leader’s guide were well-directed and very user friendly.

  • The supporting videos were well done and very applicable to real life situations.
  • This study was excellent in bridging reliable contemporary tools to a conservative audience resistive to change.

The final results were that many of the participants legitimately found the teaching liberating.  They felt better about themselves by removing unnecessary guilt and legitimately felt more inclined to open up and share their love for Jesus.