Working for God: The Story of R. G. LeTourneau and the University He Founded

October 19th, 2019

This fresh, compelling pictorial biography of R. G. LeTourneau reveals stories never before told about the engineering genius whose giant earth-moving machines helped win WW II and build the highway infrastructure of America. He became the best-known Christian Businessman in the 20th Century, gave away 90 percent of his wealth, and founded LeTourneau Technical Institute--today known as LeTourneau University, the premier Christian Polytechnic University in the world. 

Those who knew Robert Gilmore LeTourneau as a young boy were justifiably concerned about his future. The likelihood that a headstrong misfit and eighth-grade dropout could become a prolific inventor, renowned business leader, generous philanthropist and university founder seemed, understandably preposterous.

But not to God.

God delights to redeem our shortcomings and empower the most unlikely individuals to accomplish exceedingly more than they can imagine, rousing them to fulfill their God-given calling and bring Him glory.

That is what God did for R. G. LeTourneau.

This distinctive book presents the inspiring story of LeTourneau’s God-empowered life, embraces his enduring legacy, and celebrates the innovative university he founded.

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Franklin Graham, President and CEO, Samaritan’s Purse, and President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association writes...
R. G. LeTourneau, one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs, made his mark in the business world, but God used him for a greater purpose; planting a desire in his heart to spread the gospel worldwide. He became a friend to my father and was an early supporter of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Working for God is a story worth reading—and remembering. R. G. LeTourneau’s legacy lives on through LeTourneau University, equipping students to enter the marketplace hardwired with hands-on experience. This was the heartbeat of R. G.’s sense of adventure; his willingness to take risks. It captured my imagination how God uses diversity of skills and talents for His honor and glory. My own infamous time as a student at LeTourneau left its mark on me.

I believe hearts will be touched by the story of this innovative man who was alert for ways to use his God-given skills and resources to make a difference for Jesus Christ and to pass it on to the next generations.    


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