Work as Worship 2014

Work as Worship 2014
September 28th, 2013
November 7, 2014
Dallas, Texas

Unleashing Business Leaders to See Work as Ministry

The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort … more stuff … more me. The Work as Worship Conference will inspire workplace Christians to view their work as an act of worship and an opportunity to make a difference for the sake of the gospel.


If you find yourself asking any of these questions, this event is for you.

  • Did God call me into business?
  • How do I bring meaning to my business?
  • Does God expect less of me than my pastor?
  • 100 or 1000 people will come in contact with my business this month. What lasting impression can I leave with these people?
  • Can work really be an act of worship?
  • Is work a punishment for sin or a gift from God?
  • Does my work matter to God?
  • How do I develop a strategic plan for ministry in my business?
  • Am I missing opportunities to bring God into my work?

The Work is Worship Conference will run parallel to the RightNow Conference for 3500 pastors. Some of the main sessions will be joint sessions for attendees of both conferences.

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