The Work of Celebrating Christmas

December 10th, 2013

A recent survey found that the overwhelming majority (80 percent) of moms feel stressed about getting everything done.

And that’s before they take on a month of holiday tasks.

Holiday activities like decorating, preparing food, shopping, wrapping presents and attending holiday events take an average of 42 hours, according to a survey referenced at That’s the equivalent of squeezing an additional work week into an already busy schedule. 

Men, helpful participation, along with a patient, positive attitude, will go a long way to mitigate your wife’s stress this month—which makes for a happier season for everyone.

Focus on the Family offers tactics to lessen the stress this season by . . . 

  • Recognizing stress triggers
  • Work together to create a budget
  • Resolve extended family issues
  • Deal with spousal conflict
  • Find time for each other

These tactics will not only show a wife she is loved and appreciated, it will remind her of the dignity and value of her work at home in God’s eyes.

Featured image by Ian Britton​. Used with Permission. Sourced via Flickr