Why God Loves Business

December 22nd, 2016

God could have placed Adam and Eve in the midst of a highly developed world with roads, bridges, buildings, technology, and everything needed for modern life as we know it. Instead, He put us to work as stewards, developers, and co-creators with Himself.
Creation of wealth through business plays a vital role in fulfilling God’s plan for His creation, allowing life on earth to flourish in manifold ways. God’s first command to humankind encompassed developing Creation’s resources into useful products and services—which assumes an economic system that allows for goods and services to be exchanged for something of value to the maker. The Old and New Testaments provide numerous examples of people doing business and creating wealth.
David Gowdey, CEO of Barrington Gifts, and Bill Peel presented a white paper entitled Honoring God Through Business that explains the intrinsic value of business and how God uses business to fulfill his plans for creation. You can view & download the paper here.