Why the Center for Faith and Work

April 4th, 2017

Kate loves Sunday mornings, and why not? She loves God.  Her first day of the week brings church . . . encouragement, learning and camaraderie with fellow believers. Then comes Monday—and Tuesday through Friday.  Those mornings, Kate routinely stuffs her faith in a box, applies her work face and heads to the office.

If any part of Kate’s weekly attitude shift sounds familiar, welcome all the more to LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith and Work.  Welcome to a fresh new program to help Kate, and  and Christians around the globe encounter God in your daily work. Executive Director Bill Peel, a man who has spent years helping people find God in the corporate world and writing about it, is eager to help all Christians see that even the factory floor is holy ground.

“Our daily work matters to God.” Peel says, smiling, “That’s good news since we spend most of our time there. Ephesians 2:10 says we were designed for good works—effort, business, enterprise—things which He purposed for us to accomplish. Whether you assemble earthmoving machines, run a business, teach first-graders or do missions in a third-world country—what you do is packed with God’s purpose and meaning. Good work, well done, brings glory to God.”

The purpose of the Center for Faith and Work is a piece of the university’s five-pillar strategic plan to help its students and graduates make serving Christ their career goal—whatever the career—in every workplace in every nation.  And like those lifetime career decisions, options abound.  For starters, Peel sees to it that believing men and women can grow in taking their faith to work. Through classes, workshops, consulting, mentoring , events and through online resources at www. Centerforfaithandwork.com , the Center for Faith and Work serves . . .

students by helping them define their calling, discover the value of the work God has designed them to do, and develop a vision for following Christ at work.

churches and pastors by helping them launch ministries within the church that equip men and women to take their faith to work and influence both their workplace and their co-workers for Christ.

the global Christian community by providing resources to help them develop both their faith and workplace wisdom.

“For every person who reflexively slices Sunday from the rest of the week, it’s time to grasp that good business is God’s business and smart workplace strategies are replete with biblical principles,” Peel said.  “From human relations to annual reports, from login to overtime, we’re handing Christians in the workplace a new set of glasses.”

Peel came to LETU in January 2011 as an author and ministry leader with more than 25 years helping people discover life callings, sharpen work skills and become spiritually influential at work.  The ministry he founded in Dallas—a city known for business—emphasized workplace discipleship, evangelism and leadership development, with original resources and initiatives to equip and empower people to know how their work fits into God’s plan. 

Peel has served on the leadership team of churches in Fort Worth, Tyler and Dallas, helping members understand how to live out their faith Monday through Saturday. As Director of the Paul Tournier Institute of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, he authored The Saline Solution continuing medical education course and taught over 6,000 healthcare professionals around the world to spiritually influence their patients.  As a speaker with Promise Keepers, he crossed the US exhorting men to live their faith 24/7.

The shelf of Peel’s work-related books, authored or co-authored, holds Workplace Grace (Zondervan 2010; LeTourneau University Press, 2014), What God Does When Men Lead (Tyndale, 2008), Going Public With Your Faith (Zondervan 2003), Discover Your Destiny (NavPress, 1996), Living in the Lab Without Smelling like a Cadaver (Paul Tournier Institute, 1999) and What God Does When Men Pray (NavPress, 1993).  His articles appear in Christianity Today, Focus on the Family’s Physician magazine, InTouch, HomeLife, Now and elsewhere. 

Peel’s books, meanwhile, many of them award-winning, are translated into Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Chinese and Russian. Just one of those awards: Christianity Today’s 2004 Book of the Year Award for Evangelism and Apologetics.

Peel earned his bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, his master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and doctorate in workplace theology, ethic and leadership from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Kathy, have been married for 45+ years and have three grown sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, and seven grandchildren and one bossy border collie.