When the Sermon Goes To Work

February 24th, 2017

Does selling insurance, running a Laundromat, driving a cab, or delivering mail matter to God? Judging by our preaching, the answer is "not much." In one survey 90 percent of Christians said they had never heard a sermon that applied biblical theology to work. Yet Christians may spend between 40 and 75 percent of their lives in work-related tasks. Unfortunately, they have reason to suspect that, as far as God is concerned, their work-life is a vast wasteland. 

Several years ago I had breakfast with a group of businessmen who were Christians. Perhaps because I was there, they began talking about their pastors. They respected their ministers and appreciated their dedication, but they also felt their pastors were out of touch with them. Their preachers had visited them or members of their families when they were in the hospital, and a couple of the ministers had visited two of the men in their homes. Two others reported that their preachers had played golf with them. Yet, none of the clergymen had ever spent a day with them at work or even visited them at their place of employment. As one of the men put it, "I enter his world once or twice a week, but he doesn't bother much about mine."

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