What God Does When Men Lead

August 26th, 2011

In What God Does When Men Lead, you will see that God has a history of taking regular guys—guys who nobody ever thought of as leaders until God got hold of them—and raised them up to lead his people. Bill Peel provides practical, biblical ways for you to become the man and leader you’ve always wanted to be. Chuck Colson says, "This is a timely and important book for Christian men (and the women who know them)."

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Reviews for What God Does When Men Lead

Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship

This is a timely and important book for Christian men (and the women who know them). Bill intersperses a biblical perspective of leadership–in the workplace, the family, the church and the community–with practical examples from real life to demonstrate how to put those principles into action. In a day when some are questioning the “feminization of the Church,” this book shows men how to be “real men” and godly leaders.

Tom Wilson
President and CE, Leadership Network

Churches today are filled with what the world needs most—leaders. Rather than offering them meaningful opportunities to be involved in Kingdom work, many pastors inadvertently give men the message that there is not a role for them. The disturbing result is diminished Kingdom impact. Bill Peel gives men keen insight into the myriad of Kingdom opportunities waiting for them, not only in the church, but at home, on the job, and in their communities. If you are waiting to “get into the game,” but find yourself on the sidelines, this is a must read.

Walt Larimore, M.D.
Co-Author, His Brain, Her Brain

Are you looking for satisfaction and significance? Or, have you ever desired to make a name, maybe even an eternal name, in a nameless world? Have you longed to be a leader in your community, your workplace, or your church? Have you been wondering what it would take to be a better man, a better husband, and a better father? Is your heart calling out to you to become a man, a real man? Then my dear friend, Bill Peel, has written the guidebook and handbook for which you’ve been searching. Marinate your soul in this book’s teachings and principles. Chew and digest it slowly and carefully. Apply it, one principle and one day at a time, and watch with amazement the transformation your Creator will accomplish in and through you.

David Stevens, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Christian Medical Association

Inspiring! Practical! Comprehensive! I have read a boatload of leadership books, but this is by far the best. It’s helped me to be a better father, husband, and leader in every sphere of my life. Every man should read it.

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