What Christian CEOs Look for When Hiring New College Grads

April 7th, 2016

In preparation for meeting with Christian Business Faculty Association, John Beckett surveyed 50 Christian CEOs, all of whom head large public and private businesses and institutions. He asked them to identify the most important qualities they look for when hiring recent college graduates.

Here are the top 12 qualities they mentioned most:

  1. Character: Integrity, humility—balanced ego yet confident, honesty, moral and intellectual integrity, alignment of values (cultural fit), trustworthiness, reputation, ethics, courage of conviction, genuineness
  2. Intellect: Critical thinking skills, strong GPA, smart, curious, creative, capacity to anticipate, mental capacity, quick to grasp, problem solvers
  3. Work ethic: Perseverance, disciplined, commitment, dependability, competitiveness (especially in sports), willing to go the extra mile
  4. Initiative: Self-motivated, entrepreneurial, takes measured risks, drive, can-do attitude, self-starter, goal-oriented, knows how to fail and get up
  5. Communication skills: Verbal, writing, listening – internally, and with customers and suppliers
  6. Teachability: Ability to learn, intellectual curiosity, good listener, coachable, desires feedback, willing to be challenged
  7. Demonstrated leadership: Leadership skills (sports, fraternities, community activities)
  8. Passion: Emotional intensity, energy, enthusiasm for the opportunity, sincere desire
  9. Evidence of success: Summer work, internships, formative experiences, overcoming difficulties, specific experience and achievements
  10. Emotional intelligence: Positive attitude, maturity, presence, inspires confidence
  11. Common sense: Wisdom, discernment, good judgment
  12. Interpersonal skills: Respect for others, team player

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