Theology of Work for Young People

September 22nd, 2011

The "God's Pleasure at Work" curriculum was designed by Dr. Christian Overman to teach young people a biblical theology of work, "appropriate for individual study, a family study, a church small group, or for high school students as a Bible course, worldview course, personal finance course, careers track course or economics course."

Is your work really important to God? If you’re a pastor or a physician, you’re probably thinking, “yes.” But what if you’re a parent, a plumber or a proofreader? The fact is, God does His work through carpenters, cops, and CEOs (domestic and otherwise). For a follower of Christ, there is no such thing as “secular work.” As the English Puritan Pastor George Swinnock once wrote, “…his shop as well as his chapel is holy ground.” 

One student participant wrote: 

… I learned so much more than I could've imagined…I learned so much personally that I cannot wait to use in the future and share with others. I believe all Christians should read this book and soak in all the goodness just like our class did over the course of this year.

Learn more about this one-of-a-kind curriculum.

View a 90-second video clip explaining the purpose for this course below.


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