Theology of Work for a Non-Theologian

March 15th, 2013

When Bill Peel asked me to review a video on YouTube by the author of my husband’s bulky systematic theology textbook, I admit I was skeptical. Prepared to be bored, I clicked and started watching Dr. Wayne Grudem teach—and was I surprised! An articulate and enthusiastic communicator, Dr. Grudem reminded me of one of my favorite college professors.  I was immediately hooked as I listened to him unpack the Bible’s wisdom about how our work...

  • adds value to the world, as we imitate God’s ability to create

  • is a way we love our neighbors by serving others

  • is valuable to God. No matter where or what we do for work, we add value to the world and God is glorified in our daily work!

By the end of the lesson I was Googling “Wayne Grudem” books and asking my resident theologian if we could buy a few theology books—music to the ears of any student at Dallas Seminary. When we review our budget at the end of the month, I have a feeling that this purchase will sail through our approval process.

I think you’ll enjoy this video and be encouraged in your work.

How are you adding value to the world today? What do you do in your job to “love your neighbor as yourself”?