The Seven Fund: Ending Global Poverty Is Serious Business

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September 19th, 2011

SEVEN (Social Equity Venture Fund) is a virtual non-profit entity run by entrepreneurs whose strategy is to markedly increase the rate of innovation and diffusion of enterprise-based solutions to poverty. The mission is to catalyze, support and disseminate research on questions of economic development, prosperity and entrepreneurship, particularly new frontiers related to enterprise-based solutions to poverty and innovative ideas unlikely to be supported by conventional funding sources. The approach is nontraditional, posing a challenge to the classic pattern of funding top-down projects with government-led conceptual frameworks. They support the uncertain and often interdisciplinary methods required to develop and encourage truly entrepreneurial approaches to wealth creation and poverty reduction. In addition, SEVEN strives to re-ignite the excitement and meaning of entrepreneurship in the public consciousness so that outdated thinking no longer curtails the potential for massive poverty reduction. The 7 Fund: Ending Global The SEVEN Fund encourages rigorous and innovative researchers to tackle questions head-on, unlocking the potential of enterprise-based solutions to poverty.

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