Seven Days of Prayer for the Workplace | Part 2

via Bill Peel
January 9th, 2017


Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, I marvel at the universe You worked together to create. The whole universe is Your temple, a place of worship, in which You called me to join Your work to make Your world all it was created to be. Thank You for the high calling to participate in Your work. Whatever I do today, no matter how mundane, help me to recognize that You want it done, done well, and as an act of love for You and my neighbor. May my daily work this Monday echo praise to You as much as singing a hymn on Sunday.[1]


Father, thank You for the beauty and bounty of creation that You’ve given me to work with. Every square inch of it belongs to You. Help me to enjoy what You’ve given me and to steward it well, knowing that I will give account to You for how I develop and use it. Prosper me in my work Lord, so that I may be exceptionally generous and bless others in significant ways with Your bounty.[2]


Lord Jesus, You promised that the Holy Spirit would lead me into all truth and empower me to apply it more fully in my life. As I go to work, instill in me a holy desire today to want what You want and to love what You love—that I may love and serve others through my work and be a fragrant aroma of Your Son to all. May my work reflect Your character, remind people of Your presence, and may Your Spirit draw thousands in my community to Christ through me and the witness of Your church in the workplace today.[3]


Father, thank You for Your commitment to make me like Jesus. Through Your Son, I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. I lack nothing to do Your will today at work. Deliver me from any sense of scarcity that breeds greed and hopelessness. Help me to exercise integrity in everything I do, and lead me to recognize and repent of any practice, no matter how convenient or profitable, that cannot be done in Your name and for Your glory.[4]


Lord Jesus, thank You for Your presence and the courage and stamina You give me to stand up against temptation, trials, and persecution as I seek to imitate You in all I do today at work. So captivate my heart with Your grace that there be no room left for anything that dishonors You. Empower me to forgive as I am forgiven and be pure and gentle in everything I do, knowing that I have a Master in Heaven.[5]


Holy Spirit, thank You for the talents and abilities with which You have blessed me. I recognize that they are gifts from Your generous hand. Whatever I possess, whatever success I enjoy, has come from You, not from my own strength, savvy, or smarts. Keep me from the self-deception and rationalization that leads me to think more highly of myself than I ought. Forgive me for seeking to make a name for myself, taking rather than giving, and seeking to be served rather than to serve. Help me to lead with humility and do my work with diligence and craftsmanship so that I, my coworkers, and my community may flourish.[6]


Jesus, thank You that You have not left me to live and work alone but made me a member of Your Body, gifting me and placing me just where You know best. Forgive me Lord for ever thinking I don’t need others, or holding back, thinking that others don’t need me. Help me, Lord, to work together with others in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace. [7]

Father, thank You for the opportunity to gather today as Your church. I thank You for our pastors and spiritual leaders who equip us to serve You seven days a week. I ask that Your Spirit would give them wisdom and clarity as they lead, teach, and prepare us to do our work as an act of service to others and for Your glory when we go to our places in the ministry of our daily work on Monday morning.[8]


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