R.G. LeTourneau’s Impact on Others

via Bill Peel
June 28th, 2014

Although LeTourneau knew he was called to business, he had no qualms about sharing his faith. He believed that it was the job of Christians in business to redeem the nation. He challenged laymen to take their place alongside pastors to make faith concrete.

"The preachers can tell us that Christianity works. … But unless we business men ... testify that Christianity is the driving power of our business, you'll always have doubters claiming that religion is all talk and no production." 

Young people who heard LeTourneau speak often felt called to business as their path to serving God. Many later attended LeTourneau University which he and his wife Evelyn founded in 1946 to prepare students to work and claim their workplace for God. Though he influenced the lives of countless thousands during his lifetime, LeTourneau University could well be his greatest contribution to God’s kingdom. Today, 20,000 dedicated alumni—leaders in engineering, manufacturing, business, aviation, education, and vocational ministry—know their work matters to God, and use their education and skills to impact workplaces around the world.

Although the integration of faith and work has been a consistent part of the DNA of the LeTourneau campus since the first day of class, today, the University has once again taken its place in the global faith and work movement through its Center of Faith & Work. Reaching out to both church and business leaders, the Center champions the university’s historic commitment to R.G. LeTourneau’s legacy of faith-work integration in pursuit of claiming every workplace in every nation for Christ.