Rap Music for the Glory of God

via Bill Peel
September 4th, 2014

When his album hit #1 on Billboard, Grammy award-winning rap artist Lecrea appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The following article about how he integrates his faith with his work was posted earlier.

Rapping for the Glory of God

At the Center for Faith & Work we talk a lot about doing business for the glory of God. But rap music? This genre doesn’t show up anywhere on my list of favorites. However, my very smart friend Dr. Jim Denison introduced me to an extraordinary young man, Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Lecrae Moore, who has some important things to say to Christians about faith, work and impacting our culture.

Last fall at the Resurgence Conference in Irvine CA, Moore told the audience, "There is a sacred-secular divide that hinders us from impacting culture. . . . We (Christians) are great at talking about salvation and sanctification. We are clueless when it comes to art, ethics, science, and culture. Christianity is the whole truth about everything. It's how we deal with politics. It's how we deal with science. It's how we deal with TV and art."  And I would add, it is how we deal with our everyday work.

Moore encourages Christians to reclaim those things that have been labeled evil because they’ve been misused—and instead use them for God’s glory.

He explained, "I'm talking about using things that are typically used for evil and showing how they can be used for God's glory . . . . Things are not of themselves evil. It's [about] structure and direction. God has structured things for His glory and His goodness and humanity is directing it in evil or good ways.”

"If you are going to engage culture it's about taking the things, and the things you are skilled at, and asking 'How can I direct them in a good way?”

Pretty good theology from a rap artist, I’d say. 

So have you thought lately about how you can reclaim your work for God’s glory?

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