Park Cities Presbyterian Church | Church Profile

April 20th, 2016
  • History: Founded in 1991
  • Denomination: Presbyterian Church of America
  • Pastor: Mark Davis
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Website:

Park Cities Presbyterian Church is serious about helping people think biblically about their work, reflect God’s glory through their work and act strategically as God’s ambassadors in their public lives. God has sovereignly called our people to honor Him and to love our neighbors as they reflect His glory and character in the specific work contexts to which He has called them. PCPC@WORK seeks to connect and encourage Christians who experience similar opportunities and challenges within their work.

PCPC@Work offers a number of programs and resources that equip Christians think biblically, reflect corporately and act strategically.

The Pegasus Fellowship is an intensive nine-month theological and spiritual development program designed to equip Christians for gospel leadership in the world. The Pegasus Fellows program includes theological training, spiritual and personal development, and community formation.

Vocational Groups are regular meetings open to all who want a community to discuss the issues they face in their respective fields.

Marketplace Group meetings are held in major business centers all over DFW to provide respite and community during the week.

Does our work matter to God? How do our vocational efforts contribute to God’s purposes in the world? How does the Gospel make a difference in our places of work? In what ways does God use our work to shape us into the people he would have us be?

PCPC@Work hosts quarterly luncheons featuring men and women who embody the essence of these questions, exposing participants to best practices and stories of rescue.

These lunches are open to the public, and free with registration. 

Cultivate Journal  is a curated spiritual formation reader designed with the busy professional in mind.  Cultivate introduces readers to great books, sermons, and stories that intellectually challenge and foster discussion in the Christian community.

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