Money, Greed, and God

September 1st, 2015

Does God care about economics?

Jay Richards, Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, believes He does. In Money, Greed, and God, Richards seeks to dispel the myth that the essence of capitalism is greed. He challenges Christians to be salt and light in a world under attack by greed. 

Standing between critics of free markets, on the one hand, and prosperity-gospel preachers on the other, Richards calls readers to a biblical perspective of profit while taking on atheist Ayn Rand for her celebration of selfishness. He challenges Christians to the importance of virtuous behavior required of entrepreneurs. 

In an online series entitled "Eight Most Popular Myths about Wealth, Poverty, and Free Enterprise," adapted from his book, Richards answers eight questions Christians ask about economics.

1. Can’t we build a just society?

2. What does God require of us as Christians?

3. Doesn’t capitalism foster unfair competition?

4. If I become rich, won’t someone else become poor?

5. Isn’t capitalism based on greed?

6. Has Christianity ever really embraced capitalism?

7. Doesn’t capitalism lead to an ugly consumerist culture?

8. Do we take more than our fair share? That is, isn’t our modern lifestyle causing us to use up all the natural resources?

Read part 1 in a series on Eight Most Popular Myths about Wealth, Poverty, and Free Enterprise from our friends at Institute for Faith, Work & Economics.


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