Manor Church | Church Profile

December 31st, 2014
  • History: Founded in 1886
  • Denomination: Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church
  • Lead Pastor: John Pletcher
  • Location: 530 Central Manor Road Lancaster, PA 17603
  • Website: 
  • Attendance: 700-800 + a regional reach with various church planting partnerships

Overview: Manor Church seeks to fulfill Christ's call to love God and love others—to connect, grow, and serve through Christ’s grace. A significant feature of following Christ in these ways is deliberately engaging with God’s view of daily work. Manor Church is aiming to see more clearly how the congregation can join his mission in daily tasks. They are learning to break up the sacred-secular divide, to view and do ordinary tasks as kingdom initiatives, and to appreciate their everyday workplaces as primary mission fields.
Manor does this by regularly teaching such vibrant themes in Sunday services, including correlated Life Group discussion, providing one-on-one mentoring, as well as coaching with local business leaders. 

Formal Teaching Opportunities

Manor Church very intentionally plans creative Sunday service series with a “Faith @ Work” emphasis, including thematic, multi-week message series at least once a year. In addition, they often strategically include workplace illustrations and everyday life applications throughout other messages and series across the year. 

John Pletcher's recent book Henry’s Glory: A Story for Discovering Lasting Significance in Your Daily Work (WipfandStock/Resource, 2013) is an engaging blend of novel and theo-fable, including discussion questions, great for personal study and discussion with friends or small groups. Manor Church has been test-pilot territory for this resource, with the majority of the church’s Life Groups utilizing it. Groups explored/discussed it in sync with the 8-week “Faith @ Work” Sunday series in 2014.

Worship and Celebration

Manor Church seeks to include worship songs that are text-rich in holistic, integrated theology—songs declaring daily, whole-person worship of Christ in all we create, speak, and accomplish. The service planning also seeks to include videos that spotlight examples of businesses and other daily work being done by leaders/laborers for God’s glory. They are also working to regularly include more interviews and faith stories shared out of people’s daily workplace experiences and relational opportunities. In tandem with such testimonials, Manor Church aims to pray over, encourage, and “commission” these workplace missionaries.

Outside Church Walls

Manor Church is in the early stages of gathering community input, exploring how they might partner with others toward potential stronger business and job creation in nearby neighborhoods and workplaces across the region. The church is also in a 3-year partnership with HOPE International, helping resource the formation of more savings groups in Haiti. Cultivation of savings in many of these groups will result in greater global business creation and human flourishing.

The pastor John Pletcher regularly blogs about faith-work integration, as well as provides quick quotes and concepts on Twitter (@JohnEPletcher), Facebook & LinkedIn pages.

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