Making Beautiful Places for the Glory of God

June 9th, 2015

Inc. magazine's David Whitford wrote a feature article about Walker Mowers entitled "Finding Religion's Place in the Workplace: Colorado's Walker Manufacturing builds lawn mowers and operates as a Christian enterprise. What does faith have to do with riding mowers? Depends on how you cut it." 

Bob Walker was 13 years old when he heard R.G. LeTourneau speak about being God’s businessman. That's when Bob felt called to business. Today Bob is president of Walker Mowers but he emphasizes that God is Senior Partner in the business—and has been since his dad started Walker Manufacturing on the family farm in Kansas. Watch this short interview with Bob and Dean Walker about how faith informs their business. You may also want to check out Bill Peel's article about Walker Mowers here

Making Beautiful Places for the Glory of God from CenterFaithWork on Vimeo.


Video Discussion Questions

  • Bob mentions gratitude before anything else in this interview. In your experience, how important is gratitude in conducting business? What difference do you think it makes in an employer’s life? In an employee’s life?
  • Bob says he was called to business. Have you ever heard someone say that he or she is called to business in the same way a pastor is called? If a person feels called, what difference would that make?
  • How does Bob see his business paralleling the kingdom principle found in the feeding of the five thousand? How does your business “feed” others?
  • Dean Walker mentions that one of the guiding principles at Walker Mowers is “Always love people and use money,” not the other way around. What specifically does this mean for the employees at Walker? How do you think that influences their work? How does Philippians 2:4 apply to your work?
  • What did you hear coming from Walker employees that you would love to hear from the people who work with you or for you?
  • One of the Walker employees mentioned that he makes every lawn mower as if Christ was going to be the end user. What difference would that make in how you do your work, lead your team or run your company?
  • Bob spoke of two Psalms that were especially meaningful to him, Psalm 112:7 and Psalm 34:19. While doing business for the glory of God doesn’t guarantee success or financial prosperity, what does it promise?
  • At the beginning of the video Bob describes what they do at Walker Mower. They create wealth for the Walker team and their suppliers. They manufacture a quality product for others to use to create their own businesses. But they also contribute to the bigger picture of God’s purposes. Bob says, “We like to say that instead of making lawn mowers we make beautiful places.” How is making “beautiful places” part of God’s purpose? How does your work contribute to human flourishing and the stewardship of God’s creation?
  • Summarize the ideas and practices in this video that you would like to emulate?