The Lost Purpose for Learning: An Essay on United States Education With Implications for All Nations

February 6th, 2017

As an organization engaged in higher education at a university that has historically and consistently teaches students that their work—as engineers, aviators, teachers, healthcare professionals, as well as pastors--matters to God and should be seen as a holy calling, almost all of our students arrive on campus with a distorted view of work and calling. The dualism, described by Dr. Christian Overman in his essay, "The Lost Purpose of Learning," plagues their perspective whether they come from homes that are Christian or non-Christian, whether educated in a Christian, public, or homeschool context, whether they attended an evangelical or liberal church.

When they graduate from LeTourneau University, they know better. But what if they arrived on college campuses understanding that their education was preparing them to serve God in whatever field of work to which God had called them. Dr. Overman’s essay is a strategic call to action for every Christian in education, no matter what level. Here is Dr. Overman's description of his essay.

We don't find meaning in learning, we bring meaning to learning. If we can, that is. "Whatever!" seems to be a common bored attitude of children toward school. Bribes, or threats, or lures of a future well-paying job fail to inspire them. This is to be expected, if we fail to give them a compelling reason for their very existence. All sons and daughters are endowed before birth with a remarkable mandate from God. It's a mandate that brings extraordinary meaning to education. The Lost Purpose for Learning explains what that mandate is, and why it brought about such an extraordinary level of flourishing for people in the United States. Yet, it has been neglected for the past 100 years, and the adverse results are only hidden from the blind. The Lost Purpose for Learning explains in simple language what the lost mandate is, and how it can be restored to education at all levels.  

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