Living With Strength- Hannah Beets '13

May 22nd, 2018

Hannah Beets is an East Texas native and graduated from LeTourneau University in December 2013. She is now a third grade teacher at Chandler Elementary in Kilgore while using her teacher pay to fund her real dream: An after-school gym and fitness program for kids. In her gym, Ignition Station, she focuses on fitness, hard work, and activities that help with coordination, balance, strength, and discipline. 

Anything we are doing should be our mission field....I would rather be known as a movement program that helps kids, but the reason we can help them is because we know Christ, and He is the one working. 

Hannah's goal is to become a Non-profit organization that can reach more students, hire more volunteers and paid positions, and produce strong, courteous, able-bodied kids that get multiple opportunities to own their strength and hear about Christ in the process. She said that they did not make Ignition Station Christian in name for a reason. 

I want people who aren't Christians to feel comfortable with Ignition Station. So I would want them to come and feel like this is a quality movement opportunity, and then as an add on, "oh, they kind of have some Christian values, but they have solid quality movement."
When considering what she wanted to do with her life, Hannah pursued acting, modeling, and even moved to New York to do so. As she was listening to the Lord, she felt called back to East Texas and apply as a teacher at a local school. 

Whereas previously I thought I would go to LA to do a gym for kids or New York or Dallas and then this year it really hit me that we have kids hurting right here.... My school district has 70% low-economic kids... And so I decided it's time to focus in on Kilgore.  

We love to support our Alumni and local organizations. If you would take three seconds to click on this link for Ignition Station, like their page, and share it to your page so your friends can do the same, it would mean the world to some amazing kids in East Texas and this teacher with a heart of gold. Check out ALL of Hannah's Story here-