Living With Passion- Regina Myrick '13

April 24th, 2018

Regina Myrick has just moved with her husband to Asheville, NC where they are building the house of their dreams in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Being close to Tennessee has helped Regina realize her dreams of acting, modeling, and being a health and wellness advocate for the company LeVel and the Thrive products.

Today she speaks to her God-given ambitions and talents in a way to live with passion for Christ. She gives practical and inspirational advice to young professionals on how to align your job and career with your passion and values. 

"If you're truly designing a life you love, retirement is not your goal. Your goal should be waking up every day inspired, motivated, and ready to live with passion and fervor like the first day you got your job. Why does that have to die? It should NEVER die."

Hear more of Regina's story about acting and modeling as a Christian in her field of work here: 


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