Living Miraculously- Greg Poelman '09

May 19th, 2018
"Just buy a ticket." 
Those were the words of LeTourneau Alumnus Greg Poelman's wife just before he bought a plane ticket from Malaysia to Seattle without having a confirmed interview for his current position at Slalom Consulting. He knew he wanted to work for the company as a financial consultant, helping corporations achieve company-wide goals from the top down. 
My mindset is always how can I prepare myself best to help these people the most? Then when I go into the project, I try to listen as much as possible so I can actually help their problems resolve by communicating clearly to their boss. 
Greg tells his story of how he continually seeks to find ways to live miraculously in modern corporate settings while also living out his faith in serving his clients and his family well. 
There's a lot of routine before where I really try to spend a lot of time in prayer with the lord- go for a walk, get coffee, talk, pray, and just know the Lord can give you the words and can work on the hearts on the people you are talking to.
Hear what happened after he bought that plane ticket to go half-way around the world with no agenda other than to go where the Lord led!

Channel(s): Alumni Corner