LeTourneau Live | At Your Church or Group

June 14th, 2017

LeTourneau University and the Center for Faith & Work are committed to helping you bridge the gap between Sunday and Monday, and equip your people for Kingdom impact at work.

Your worship center may be empty on Monday, but the people who filled the pews Sunday are now deployed in the highest-impact mission field in the world: their workplace. The acid test for their Sunday worship experience is how they integrate what they learned into the other six days of the week. 

Light a fire in your congregation by helping them discover the joy of serving God in their workplace.

Consider inviting us to speak at your next ...

  • Retreat, breakfast or luncheon for men or women
  • Sunday Worship
  • Weekend conference or workshop

Topics Include:

  • Your Work -- Your Calling: Finding and living out what God designed you to do
  • Attracting Others to Christ: Building spiritual equity for spiritual impact at work
  • Balancing Life's Demands
  • The Rest of My Life: Finding God’s purpose for the most influential time of your life
  • Community Impact: Leverage the workplace for the peace and prosperity of the community
  • Carpe Monday: Equipping people for their workplace mission fields
  • Doing Business for the Glory of God (available as a group stdu curriculum September 1, 2019)
  • Wise Witness: Your legal rights and boundaries as Christians at work

Watch Bill Peel address the Business on Mission Conference

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