Learn to Dispense Grace Prescriptions

January 23rd, 2014

Many healthcare professionals struggle with guilt and inadequacy when it comes to sharing their faith. In the Grace Prescriptions seminar, Christians in healthcare learn to prescribe specific and appropriate doses of grace that can lead patients a step closer to a right relationship with God. Participants discover how to share their faith with patients and colleagues in ways that safeguard the important ethical principles of respect, sensitivity and permission.

The proven concepts of Grace Prescriptions were originally taught in the Saline Solution to thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide. Grace Prescriptions builds on this legacy. For more information go to cmda.org



Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work

You can take your faith to work in appropriate, engaging ways. Workplace Grace offers a simple, non-threatening approach to evangelism. Whether your work takes you to a construction site, a cramped cubical or the corner office, every Christian plays a significant role in the Great Commission. Between Sundays you can be a pipeline for God's grace in the most strategic mission field in the world: your workplace. Workplace Grace is for Christians who are not gifted evangelists, yet they want to make a spiritual difference at work and see their coworkers and friends come to faith in Jesus Christ. After adopting Workplace Grace strategies, Christians who once felt awkward sharing their faith now say, "A load of guilt has been taken off my shoulders." "I never knew sharing my faith could be so simple." "I can do this!" More information. 

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