Leadership During COVID-19

April 1st, 2020

We thought this advice from 12 leaders around the world - from Patrick Lencioni to Albert Tate to Condoleeza Rice - was so valuable we wanted to share it with you! Courtesy of the Global Leadership Network.

As many of us are facing new challenges in this season, we wanted to share some timely advice and wisdom from a few of our Global Leadership Summit Faculty alumni. Many of them are actively engaged in providing encouragement on their digital platforms, so we’ve collected some of our favorites and compiled them into a new article for you. Here are a few of the resouces you'll find:

– Condoleeza Rice shared a powerful prayer for our communities.
– Erica Ariel Fox has two wonderful articles on the psychology of our present moment: "Coronavirus Panic: Some Tips for Handling Your Fear" and "The Power of Later."
– Bishop T.D. Jakes shared a message of hope during a broadcast of CBS Good Morning and gave his thoughts on community during social isolation.
– John C. Maxwell taught on the topic of "Leading Through Crisis," and the full video is available on his Facebook page.

Access the article here: https://bit.ly/2y5zv6Y

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