I Can Do That? Legal Guidance for Workplace Faith

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June 12th, 2017

When it comes to business strategy, most business leaders are bold, aggressive, and decisive. But when it comes to faith in the workplace, many become wobbly-kneed, self-censoring, and unnecessarily fearful. This is largely because of the massive amounts of misinformation and intimidation in the marketplace.

Terms such as “separation of church and state” and “sacred and secular” have caused a lot of confusion by insinuating principles that simply don’t apply to private workplace environments—let alone many public spaces.

The sad result: business owners and leaders are missing opportunities to operate their businesses in accordance with biblical values, to share their faith, and to provide hope and encouragement to their employees. Learn the legal pitfalls you should avoid, and how they can be navigated without tossing your faith out the door.

I Can Do That? Guidance for Workplace Faith | Douglas Napier from CenterFaithWork on Vimeo.


1. How have you wanted to apply your faith in the workplace but haven’t because you weren’t sure if it was legal?

2. Not everyone goes to church, but most people go to work. What kind of positive impact could you have on your employees and your community if you could expressly share the gospel and biblical values with your employees?

Douglas H. Napier, Esq., serves as Senior Vice President of Alliance Relations for Alliance Defending Freedom where he is focused on serving, strengthening, and expanding strategic alliances throughout the country and world. 

Napier joined the organization in 2007 to work with a network of thousands of allied attorneys and eventually became the head of all litigation efforts in the U.S. Subsequently, he served in the roles of chief alliance officer, and as executive director of ADF International where he directed legal advocacy work in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  He has conducted regional and national training to help equip allied attorneys, pastors, business leaders, and other allies across the globe.

This video is used by permission of the Faith@Work Summit, 2016. Access all 26 Summit videos at the Center's Vimeo site.

Download a PDF outlining your legal rights as a Christian business owner.

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