How Do You Handle Emotions at Work?

April 8th, 2016

How do you juggle workplace emotions? Dark and stormy seasons blow your way. Spectacular new opportunities emerge. Grief and loss descend. Financial crises loom. Office politics and busyness press on your soul. What about romantic tensions, rivalry, and bouts of bitterness? Must leaders shrug, settle, and simply tolerate such rugged scenarios, or could your accompanying responses actually become powerfully transformative, creating personal growth and a more redemptive impact on others? EmotiConversations winsomely invites leaders—movers and shakers working across various fields—to step into more intentional development in their deepest places. Get ready to encounter dynamically reflective redemption—for your own soul, for clients and coworkers, and even for people in far-off places ‘round the globe.

A creative mix—intriguing stories, motivating themes from the biblical narrative of Ruth, and savvy life skills—all stir together, challenging leaders to personally morph toward genuine emotional intelligence. You’ll develop sharper skills to navigate your highs and lows and more authentically reflect the face of God.

John Elton Pletcher (DMin, Denver Seminary) serves as Lead Pastor at Manor Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He also teaches as adjunct faculty for Eastern University and Evangelical Seminary.  John has a wonderful blog where he often discusses faith and work.

Holly Hall-Pletcher (MA, University of Phoenix) is a long-time educator and administrator from Newark, Ohio. She recently retired and enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with family. 

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