How Do We Know We're on the Right Career Path?

January 29th, 2013

J. B. Wood is an author and businessman. In this High Calling video interview he talks about finding and recognizing the right career path and surrendering your career to Christ.

"Recently, we spoke with J.B. Wood, Senior Vice President of the Clemens Family Corporation about finding and recognizing the right career path.
We like to plan our lives in a very Google-maps way; the shortest path from A to B, with algorithms that let us know how long the trip is likely to take, even with traffic. Like Bilbo Baggins, we prefer to have our pocket handkerchiefs all packed and ready before we head out the door. In other words, we like to be in control. 

But that's not how things tend to work out, is it? Adventures follow winding paths, to places we couldn't have expected. Look at the Odyssey, or at the path of Jesus traveling to Jerusalem, a short distance traveled over a much longer period of time than was "necessary".

Making plans is fine, as long as we stay open to the interruptions, diversions, and detours that so often conceal the most important opportunities of our lives."

How do you surrender your career and your daily work to Christ?

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