How Did I get Myself into this Mess?

via Bill Peel
June 6th, 2011

Just after I had completed 120 graduate hours of theological study, lost my hair learning Greek and Hebrew, and convinced a church that they should hire this budding theologian, I had lunch with a man who would change the trajectory of my ministry. Bill Garrison, a title attorney from Fort Worth, Texas sat across from me and casually informed me, “Bill, God’s heroes don’t stand behind pulpits.” Thirty-plus years later, I know he is right.

While the church is looking for better programs, God is looking for men and women who take their faith outside the four walls. These men and women instinctively know that following Jesus is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week adventure.

Since that lunch 30-plus years ago, I have worked about half of my career in para-church and the other half in church ministries along with involvement in a couple of start-up businesses. In a day when rock-star pastors seem to be the icons of the Christian faith, my work and prayer is that more theologians will recognize that our job is to equip the saints for their work not church work, and that more men and women see their daily work as their primary place of ministry. To learn more I invite you to explore the many resources made available on this site


image via mastermaq on flickr.