How to Be a Spiritual Influence at Work | Interview with Dr. Bill Peel on My Faith Radio

October 16th, 2015

National radio talk show "Dr. Bill Maier-Live!" helps listeners understand how Christian faith intersects with contemporary culture. Dr. Maier recently interviewed Dr. Bill Peel on how to be a spiritual influence at work.​ A few quotes from the interview:

“Evangelism begins with doing good work -- with letting people see the quality of your work. It also includes showing people your godly character and being concerned for them."

“Our competence, character and concern earn us the right to be heard.”

"Today, 80 percent of adults who come to Christ do so as a result of a relationship they’ve developed. The place where Christians and non-Christians most easily develop relationships is in the workplace."

“The Holy Spirit is at work in many people’s lives around us. Our job is not to get people to pray 'the prayer' -- though it's wonderful when they do -- but to find out what the Holy Spirit is doing and to meet Him at that place in a person's spiritual journey.”

To listen to the interview click here or listen below via SoundCloud. 

Channel(s): Evangelism