The Holy Work of Managing a Family

August 21st, 2018

Despite efforts to create the illusion of a perfect home on Instragram or Facebook, there's no such thing as a perfect home. But there is such thing as a good home--a place where family members walk through the door and say, "Wow, it's good to be home!" A place where family members help each other flourish personally and do the will of God.

It is hard--if not impossible--to create this kind of atmosphere unless family members work together as a team to create a happy, smoothly running home. No matter where your family falls on the spectrum from orderly to chaotic, it's a good idea for all family members to understand the holy work of managing a home.  Every home has seven departments with tasks that someone must oversee. With the following list of departments in mind, download a Who's Responsible for What? list to use as a discussion starter and delegation tool to assign various tasks according age, skill level, proclivities, and available time. Then ask God for God's help and blessing over your home and family, remembering that He loves to create order and beauty out of chaos.

  • Home & Property—overseeing the maintenance and care of all your tangible assets, including belongings, the house, and its surroundings. 
  • Food—efficiently, economically, and creatively meeting the daily food and nutritional needs of your family. 
  • Family & Friends—dealing with family life—marriage and child-raising—and other relationships¬—extended family, friends, and neighbors. Overseeing human resources—acting as teacher, nurse, counselor, mediator, social chairman. 
  • Finances—managing planned spending, bill-paying, saving, investing and other money issues.
  • Special Events—planning and coordinating large and small projects—birthdays, holidays, vacations, garage sales, family reunions, weddings—that fall outside your normal family routine. 
  • Time—managing time and schedules; getting the right people to the right places at the right time with the right equipment
  • Personal—growing and caring for yourself . . . physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Listen to Kathy discuss the holy work of Family Management with Jim and Martha Brangenburg on the iWork4Him podcast.

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