High ROI for LeTourneau University

via Bill Peel
May 1st, 2014

Congratulations to LeTourneau University for ranking 5th among all Texas universities for Return on Investment, as reported in the Houston Business Journal. LeTourneau ranked 2nd among private schools.

A recent Wall Street Journal article, "Elite Colleges Don't Buy Happiness for Graduates," may explain at least one significant reason for LeTourneau's strong ROI. A new Gallup survey of 30,000 college graduates of all ages in all 50 states found that inspiring professors produce better workers and happier people.

Brandon Busteed, executive director of Gallup Education, said, "Having a teacher who believes in a student makes a lifetime of difference."

Visit LeTourneau University's campus and you'll see Mr. Busteed's point lived out, not only every day in every classroom, but evenings when professors host students for dinner in their homes, and Saturdays when profs and students volunteer together in the community, and Sundays when they worship together.

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