The High Calling of Trash Removal

April 7th, 2013

What does trash removal have to do with God's work? Thom Ranier tells the story of one company, and their dedication to calling.

"Music City Disposal is a multi-generational family company in Nashville. Over a year ago, I met the retired patriarch of the company. In his own down-to-earth fashion, he told me: 'I taught my son to listen to people first and then try to serve them. I told him if he did that, he would be successful in whatever he tried, including garbage'. The workers in this small company have taught me several lessons on leadership."

Here's Thom's list:

  1. Put others before self.
  2. Have a healthy work ethic.
  3. Do something extra for someone.
  4. View your work as a gift.
  5. Maintain a pleasant disposition and smile a lot.
  6. Have an attitude of gratitude.
  7. Find a way to say “yes.”

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