Growing a Business that Glorifies God

via Bill Peel
October 2nd, 2015

"What are you going to say when God asks you to give account to Him about what you did with your business?"

This question posed by a business mentor to a friend of mine was a serious wake-up call to him and his partner. As a committed Christian he knew that he would give account for his life, but this question was a little unsettling simply because he had never thought of this in terms of owning his business. 

Many Christians have not stopped to consider what it takes to build a business to the glory of God. They may have a piece or two of the puzzle, but often have not stepped back to look beyond economics, ethics, or evangelism.

    Making a profit is seen as morally good and honorable in the Bible, but God had a lot more in mind for business than making money. Six essential elements define a business that glorifies God. (Click Here to Download the PDF) They include:

    • an economic element
    • a moral element
    • a relational element
    • an evangelistic element
    • a social element
    • a cultural element

    To know more about these six elements and how the Center for Faith & Work can help you build a business that glorifies God, contact Bill Peel.

    Watch for the 2020 release of the new curriculum "Growing a Business that Glorifies God" for use personally or in a small group.