Gracious Actions

via Bill Peel
September 23rd, 2015

Gracious words and listening should be accompanied by corresponding actions. Use the following ideas to spur your thinking about how to show your concern for others: 

  • When you meet a coworker for a crack-of-dawn work session, bring muffins and coffee. 
  • Help someone clean up a spill.
  • Finish a task for someone who is tired. 
  • Write a coworker a handwritten note of encouragement or congratulations.
  • Offer to hold a seat for a coworker who will be joining a meeting after it starts. 
  • If you have the authority, allow a person to stay home or leave early when a family member is ill.
  • Offer to run an errand for someone who is under a tight deadline.
  • Go the extra mile. Fill the printer paper tray. Leave the conference room cleaner than you found it. 
  • Always clean up after yourself in the employee kitchen. And if you know a coworker is time-strapped or late for a meeting, offer to clean up for him or her. 
  • Be patient with someone who is having a hard time catching on to something.
  • Offer to work on a religious holiday for someone of a different faith.
  • Fill an emergency basket for the office with a small sewing kit, Band-Aids, pain reliever, antacids and such. Invite coworkers to help themselves.
  • Bring dinner in a cooler to the office for a single parent.
  • Give someone your place in line.
  • Offer to help anyone who needs assistance opening a door, reaching for an elevator button, or carrying packages.
  • Bring treats to a meeting when no one is expecting it.
  • Offer to let someone borrow something for a special occasion. 
  • Donate to a coworker who is raising money for a cause. 
  • Invite a single coworker to your home for a holiday meal. 
  • Make notes about your coworkers’ interests so you can talk to them about things they enjoy.   
  • Help a coworker fix a flat tire in the parking lot.
  • Share your knowledge with someone who needs help.

This is the fourth article of a four-part series on communicating grace in the workplace:

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