Gods Work in Progress

October 20th, 2014

The Faith and Work movement is growing organically. But it is itself,  disconnected and lacks “texture” and cohesion.  God’s Work in Progress™ is an instrument of God’s will for the marketplace and he is using  our radio show and ministry  to tell the story that God is redeeming the marketplace, restoring it, and re-forming it.

The marketplace defined: BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATION. – Claiming the BIG THREE for Christ!

  1. Business is the place of innovation…its role is to improve our lives, and how we live, materially.
  2. Education is the place of preparation where we learn and get ready to do our work…this is a lifelong process that begins in school.
  3. Government is the place of regulation.. It is where a righteous marketplace is given a level path and protected,  creating and providing smooth and efficient services  that help the marketplace grow and thrive.

And …The Church,  comprised of Jesus’ followers in the marketplace.  The Church  provides the moral empowerment of these three .  The Church (the believers in the marketplace)  provides the conduct, thinking, values and morals  (wisdom) without which the marketplace cannot succeed.   (Eph 2:10)

Listen to the Radio Show here.

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