Give it Up To the Lord- But Don't Give Up

August 3rd, 2017

Before Phil Burks' company revolutionized communication for first responders, God revolutionized how Phil saw his work as a business leader.

Phil Burks, CEO of the Genesis group, explained to the students and faculty at LeTourneau University, the difference between giving up and giving it up to the Lord and how he seeks to be on-mission for God's kingdom as a business leader. 

Phil founded Genesis to revolutionize the response times for ambulances and other first responders to emergency situations. Among other accomplishments, the company boasts a creative and integrative work space which Phil talks about here:

Burkes.Genesis from CenterFaithWork on Vimeo.

Amidst the jokes of his "alleged" school pranks, Phil gets real as he describes the very disappointing journey he first took to become a missionary after receiving Christ. He first applied to Moody Bible Institute, however, after being rejected, Phil recounts what led him to enter the business world:

When asked how his business, Genesis, does Kingdom work, Phil began talking about the abilities of his company to save lives. After explaining the capabilities of his employees and their software, he then describes his ministry to Genesis employees. Not only does Genesis do exceptional work, but it also cares about its the people who make Genesis work. Phil says, "If you build up your people, they will build up your company." Check out what he says his mindset is about Mondays:

Phil's journey from the university, to being rejected from Moody, to starting the Genesis Group, wasn't always easy. In this clever joke/parable he describes how each step is taken in faith and only as far in front of him as the next stone.

And as every good story ends, Phil recounts how he got to the point of complete reliance on the Lord. Amidst trials, unpaid bills, and what seemed to be an impossible financial situation, he finally "gave up" even after telling everyone NEVER to give up! However, there is a difference between giving up and giving it up to the Lord. Phil explains which option is termed failure and which leads to success in the Kingdom. 

Burks-Relying on God from CenterFaithWork on Vimeo.

Our story of trust doesn't have to be any different from Phil's. What makes the difference is whether we choose to give up or choose to give it up to the Lord.