Flourishing Through Business

May 17th, 2013

Why do some communities fail and others flourish?  Historically, why have the United States and Western Europe enjoyed such enormous economic prosperity as compared with the rest of the world?

The Colson Center, Acton Institute, Fellowship of Christian Companies, Discovery Institute and others have created "Flourishing Through Business 101" to answer such questions.

Flourishing Through Business 101 is a 12-session course examining key questions about why the West has prospered while other countries such as the Soviet Union, North Korea and China (under Mao) failed economically, causing millions of people to experience poverty and starvation.

Faculty include Jay Richards, Michael Miller, Ken Elred, Andy Mills, Wayne Grudem and Chuck Stetson.

Questions the course addresses:

  • What does a flourishing community look like?
  • What are the competing views on what defines a flourishing community?
  • What do communities need in order to flourish?
  • What is the unique role that business plays in building flourishing communities?
  • What do businesses need in order to help communities?
  • What are the misconceptions about the role of business in creating flourishing communities?
  • How do we build community-minded business leaders for the future?