Faith@Work Leaders Gather

October 29th, 2014

DALLAS – November 1, 2014 – As growing numbers of Christians insist that faith and work cannot be separate camps, on Oct. 24 and 25 in Boston, the largest-ever gathering of faith @ work leaders gathered to discuss the rising movement . . . and where it needs to go.

The first-ever Faith @ Work Summit was convened by The Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University, The Mockler Center for Faith and Ethics in the Workplace at Gordon-Conwell Seminary and The Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University.

“More than 270 business, professional, church and academic leaders convened to consider how faith works at work,” said Bill Peel, executive director of LeTourneau’s Dallas-based Center for Faith and Work. “This was a hands-on, a working conference where those on the faith-and-work front line assembled  to shape widespread understanding and set the agenda going forward.”

On Friday, attendees in a daylong session explored The State of the Faith @ Work Movement: Where are We?

                “On Saturday, five working groups convened to create marching orders and to ask God to take the Faith @ Work movement to the next level through five avenues of influence,” Peel said.

The Avenues of Influence?

  • Churches: pastors and congregations
  • Workplace Disciples: individual men and women in various professions and specialties
  • Marketplace Fellowships: marketplace ministry organizations and initiatives
  • Seminaries and Bible Schools: faculty, students, alumni and administrators
  • Universities: faculty, students, alumni and administrators

Each Work Group identified:

  • Ongoing gaps, obstacles and challenges
  • Best practices, opportunities and strategies
  • Next steps
  • Needs from other players in the movement
  • Next steps for each attendee personally

Besides Peel, the long list of faith-and-work leaders taking key roles in the Faith @ Work Summit include Katherine Leary Alsdorf, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Center for Faith and Work; Bill Pollard, Chairman Emeritus of Service Master, Cheryl Booetje, owner of a five million tree apple orchard that employes 1900 employees, and Mark Roberts of The High Calling.

Other sponsors: Foundations for Laity Renewal/The High Calling, Redeemer Presbyterian Center for Faith and Work, Redeemer City to City, The Gospel Coalition, InterVarsity, Theology of Work Project, Patheos, CBMC, Acton Institute, Kern Family Foundation/Oikonomia Network, Talbot Theological Seminary and Regent College.

View and Download the talks from the 2014 Faith@Work Summit in Boston on Vimeo here. For more information on the Faith@Work Summit click here.