Evangelism 101 | Practical Ideas for Encouraging Others to Live Out Faith at Work

October 4th, 2012

Who are you most inclined to share the Gospel message with? A stranger or someone with whom you have a relationship? What about your church members?  Are they more comfortable doing cold-call evangelism or talking about faith with co-workers they see every day in the cubicles around them.

Equipping people to live out their faith in the workplace is an important strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Here are some practical things church leaders can do:

  1. Spend time at a church member’s workplace.

  2. Use workplace situations in sermon illustrations.

  3. Commission people for their jobs.

  4. Show your members you care by finding out what they do when they're on the job.

  5. Interview people about the work they do during the worship service.

    • Ask, “What do you do? What are some challenges and opportunities of your job? How can our church support you?”

  6. Lead a small group of people in the same line of work (vocational groups) to meet regularly to pray and solve workplace challenges together.

    • Don’t give answers—just facilitate group communication as they discuss various challenges.

What are you doing at your church to equip people to live out their faith in the workplace? Let us know so that others can benefit.